Duct Free Systems

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Duct free heating and cooling systems make your home's individual rooms or other small spaces more comfortable.  Remember, just like whole-home systems, the higher the SEER and HSPF ratings, the more efficient they will be.

We offer a variety of through-the-wall packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC) and duct free heating and cooling systems to meet any individual room's needs.

Ductless High Wall Indoor Heat Pumps


MPB Mini-Split Indoor Heat Pump

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Model Family: MPB-IN
Purpose: Heat and Cool
Zone Capability: Up to 5 zones
Efficiency SEER: Up to 24.50 SEER
Efficiency EER: N/A
Efficiency HSPF: 11.50 HSPF
Matching Outdoor Unit: Single-Zone: N/A
Matching Outdoor Unit: Multi-Zone: MPB Out
Energy Star Rated: ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Refrigerant Type: R-410A
Number of Fan Speeds: Variable-capacity operation
Sound Level: As low as 24 dB
Wireless Remote: Yes
Factory Warranty Parts: 12-Year Limited Warranty with product registration
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • Inverter technology adjusts motor speed based on outside and inside temperature changes.
  • 5 - Year limited warranty on covered components if product is not registered

Ductless High Wall Indoor Air Conditioners



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Model Family: MWCA
Purpose: Cooling
Zone Capability: Single Zone
Efficiency SEER: Up to 20 SEER
Efficiency EER: Up to 11.8 EER
Matching Outdoor Unit: Single-Zone: MCA
Matching Outdoor Unit: Multi-Zone: N/A
Energy Star Rated: No
Refrigerant Type: R-410A
Number of Fan Speeds: Variable-speed fan
Sound Level: low as 24.5 dBA
Wireless Remote: Yes
Factory Warranty Parts: 5 Year Parts Limited Warranty
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • Variable-speed fan keeps temperature swings to a bare minimum